This low-maintenance, high-performance extraction system is best suited to extract

the coolant mist from water-soluble emulsion.

The extracted air is cleaned and the clean air that is produced after filtering can be

fed back into the hall. At the same time, the refined liquid is fed back into the

working space directly. Oily deposits are therefore prevented, which makes

overall handling of the machine easier. If the full protective cover is opened frequently, e.g. when

loading manually, grinding dust no longer occurs.

Low-maintenance and low-noise

High-performance, energy-saving centrifugal fan

Exhaust air is cleaned and emulsion returned

Filtration efficiency is 99.95% for a particle size of 20μm

Technical data:

Extraction performance: 1100 m3/h

Weight: approximately 70 kg

Inlet opening Ø: 250mm

Noise level: 77 dB (A)

Demand: 0.83 kW

MRG 540 is available for: