World debut corvus NGB

The heavy-weight among grinding machines!

For the first time at an exhibition, the new corvus NGB in Hanover was the main attraction at our booth. The machine for producing and regrinding broaching tools, granulating cutters, racks and much more excited the technical visitors with extended travel paths, more power, faster feed speeds and modern design. The displayed model featured over 2,100 mm axis travel path in the X direction and 400 mm in Y and Z. The stability and turning torque were also increased. Accessories like a hydraulic tailstock, dressing unit, and diverse magnetic clamping plates are also available.

EMO 2017 - Hannover

A big thank-you to all the visitors who have visited us with great interest at the EMO in Hanover. The world premiere was the corvus NGB in the 2100 mm X-stroke for broaching tools, granulator cutters and everything oversized. Furthermore the Qg1 was extensively demonstrated, as well as the machines gemini NGM, sirius NGS, norma NGC, which, in addition to the 470 mm X-Hub version, is also available with a 750 mm X-stroke and last but not least the aries NGP.

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