norma 750 NGC

the workhorse !

normaNGC: universal and super compact new generation of grinding  machines. Modern Drive Dynamic and Precision meet a carefully layd out and balanced machine design ideally suited for the broad challenges of tool grinding. The axes are based on a single, solid cast iron part which guarantees mechanical and thermal stability. The completely new machine concept was realized with well known and classic designs, protecting all essential components from grinding swarf.  Schneeberger’s known  machine reliability and uptime well once again be proven, even surpassed.  


Super flexible 5 axis tool grinder suited for sharpening and production. Complete, including end grinding, up to 300mm (12”) cutting length, 300mm (12”) diameter, maximum length overall 500mm (20”). The high torque water cooled direct spindle offers stability, designed to flute grind from solid. Thanks to perfect TIR, high surface finishes, highest precision for intricate geometries can be expected.


Standard tools such as end mills, ball nose end mills, high performance drills, reamers, profile tooling, profile insertable tools from carbide to Cermet. For the sharpening of hobs, shaper cutters, stick blades specifically designed clamping systems as well as programs and processes are available. Production grinding of knifes for the paper, food or plastic industry is all possible. Slitting discs can be automatically loaded and clamped.



X-Axis: 750 mm (29”), Longitudinal, recirculating ball screws, resolution 0.05 μm

Y-Axis: 390 mm (15.3”), Cross Slide, recirculating ball screws, resolution 0.05 μm

Z-Axis: 325 mm (12.8”), Vertical Slide, recirculating ball screws, resolution 0.05 μm

A-Axis: ISO50 Headstock, resolution 0.0001°

C-Axis: 365°, Rotation of wheel head, resolution 0.000045°


FANUC 3xSeries, 5 Machine Axes and options

15” TFT-Color monitor with keyboard and touch screen, USB 3.0

Loader :

Integrated tool loader 300mmx300mm Pallet

Wheel loader for 7pack

Grinding head:

Direct Drive Grinding Motor, HSK50, liquid Cooled, 10 kW (100%), 13 kW (60%)
grinding wheels from ø 50mm up to 250mm


6'000 Kg / 13‘000 lbs

* Subject to technical modifications